I dunno!!

I'm 24 and not very good at stuff, but I wanna try!! Mostly squiggles of kirby, ocs, and pocket camp...

tags for my stuff I guess
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For some reason if I search "Pocket Camp" I get no results, but if I put in "pocket camp" I get something but only 1 page's worth of stuff?? They're also almost all from a year ago and none of my other pocket camp squiggles other than the most recent one is there...

I wanted to make sure I was tagging stuff consistently as "Pocket Camp" but I guess I'll have to look through my stuff by searching "phone squiggle" instead!!...

...It turns out I always tagged them as "My Pocket Camp person"... I'm a silly but also you can only search for stuff in lower case only otherwise it has no results!!

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