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Hollow Knight: Ace Attorney


Or, One Voice to Cry "Objection!"

Or, Lawyer of Hallownest

- Main defense attorney is Hornet. Ghost is her assistant.

- Ghost uses their Dream Nail to catch witnesses' lies

- They see things in Bretta's mind they'd rather not

- Zote gets accused of an absolutely batshit murder he couldn't possibly have committed, but he says he did it because he thinks it makes him sound cool, and everyone wants him arrested just because he's a dick (except Bretta, because she wants his-). This case is the silly one that adds little, if anything, to the plot.

- The Collector is probably a witness in Zote's case

- Some weird tangent, also in that case, arguing about who is or isn't void

- Soul Master prosecutes over a murder he didn't do but somehow it leads to him being discovered to be guilty of a whole mess of other murders

- Myla gets kidnapped and accused of murder, maybe or maybe not in the same case

- Heartbreaking revelation that Myla actually technically did the murder because infection

- The Hollow Knight gets framed for murder and tries to confess in an attempt to protect Radiance because she's very good at threatening them

- Kinda want Lace to be the main prosecutor, but also don't want to do anything with her until I actually know anything about her

- Prosecutor Grimm? Like Simon Blackquill with his bird.

- Detective Quirrel

- Cross-examining Nosk