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I'm 24 and not very good at stuff, but I wanna try!! Mostly squiggles of kirby, ocs, and pocket camp...

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Behold!! My Spore Creatures!!

This probably isn't 100% what they looked like but oh well!!

Extra info below!

Sapphix(sapphire but with "ix" in place of "ire" ) was my 1st critter that immediately got lost since I didn't know I had to save my game at that time. I remember that I somehow got the big wings for them and that I had no idea how to change the body shape so it was just the cell body shape. They had funny frog feet and some bug pincers and I thought it was cool. I also didn't like any of the new eyes you get as a creature, so I just kept the cell eyes.

Lupphix(at the time I used Lulu usually as a username so it's a fusion of that, sapphire, and ix) was my super critter that I ended up with. I think they had close to max offensive and befriending skills and it was super cool seeing my critter become a rogue whenever someone else played on Spore!! I poked around a bunch in the creature part of Spore because being a critter is a lot more fun!! Customizing!! Moving around!! Interacting with stuff!! And!! Discovering funky critters and epics wandering around!!