I dunno!!

I'm 24 and not very good at stuff, but I wanna try!! Mostly squiggles of kirby, ocs, and pocket camp...

tags for my stuff I guess


Fandom Tags that I can recall:

  • kirby
  • pokemon
  • Animal Crossing
  • Pocket Camp
  • Digimon

My "Art" Tags:

  • squiggles

blanket tag if anyone wants to look at all of my squiggles I guess

  • phone squiggle

a squiggle done on me phone

  • irl squiggle

for photos or scans of squiggles from IN REAL LIFE!! (irl)

  • computer squiggle

tag used to see my occasional attempts at computer squiggles

  • colorsss

for squiggles with color, I thought I'd post less colored stuff but...!!

  • line n shade

stuff with not much colors and mostly lines and shading

  • sketch dump

a cluster of squiggles on one page!!

My blubbering/Text Tag:

  • baloney

No one probably uses this tag for anything I hope!! I think baloney is a funny word that is why it is this

  • irl stuff

Stuff relating to my life I guess. Can vary to be silly or possibly bad

Very Rarely Used "Photo" Tag:

  • Photo

just pics of random junk maybe I dunno